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The founder of the brand was Sotirios Boulgaris (Sotirios Boulgaris, born March 18, 1857), only one of the eleven surviving sons Georgis and Helena Boulgaris. Sotirios Childhood in Epirus, in the north-west of Greece, in the small town where his father owned a small shop silverware. Georgis Boulgaris inherited the tradition of silverware from his father Konstantinos and, in turn, handed over to his son inherited all their knowledge and skills.

During adolescence Sotirios situation in Greece and the Balkans it was very troubled: constant conflicts between the Turks (who at that time controlled Epirus) and Christians, banditry and looting. The victim of one of the attacks began and Sotirios: in 1876, when he was carrying a cargo of silver from one customer to another, he was attacked by bandits and robbed of everything, down to the clothes. After this incident, the family began to think about moving to another, more peaceful place, and in 1877 Boulgarisy moved to the island of Corfu and then moved to Naples.

In 1881 the family moved to Rome, where in 1884 Sotirios opens its first store on Via Sistina (Via Sistina). Products Sotirios enjoyed particular success with foreign buyers.

In 1888 Sotirios marries Elena Basios (ElenaBasios, 1870 - 1940), 17-year-old daughter of friends of Sotirios parents, and a year later gave birth to a first son - Giorgio Constantino (ConstantinoGiorgio, 1889-1973). After the birth of her second son - Giorgio Leonid (GiorgioLeonida, 1890-1966), in a family of three daughters in a row appear: Maria Athena (MariaAthena, 1891-1976), Sofia (Sophia, 1893-1908), Alexander (Alexandra, 1894-1895) and third son - Spiridion (Spiridione, 1897-1932).

Sotirios Business is booming and in 1905 he opened a shop on Via dei Condotti in Rome. Store is quickly becoming the place in which the rich and famous Italians, as well as ensuring the tourists come for the unique quality jewelry, original design which combines Greek and French fashion tradition. Sotirios decides to alter its name to more than comfortable for the perception of Italians and becomes Sotirio Bulgari (Sotirio Bulgari).

A fine necklace of the late 1950s, formerly the property of Claire Booth Luce, set in platinum with twenty-seven oval emeralds weighing a total of approximately 25.50 carats and baguette and brilliant-cut diamonds for a total of approximately 39.50 carats. It is representative of Bulgaris style at the time, especially its use of fine emeralds in surrounds of diamonds.

Sons Constantino and Giorgio with great interest to delve into all the affairs of the family business and became an assistant and then successor of his father, transferred to them all their secrets and jewelry trade.

Since the store base on its behalf ViadeiCondottii italizatsii Sotirio signed his creations "S. Bvlgari ", but then the logo was transformed into" Bvlgari ". Presumably, the final form of your logo found in the early 30s, before his father gave full control of the firm to his sons.

In 1932 Sotirio dies and after the Second World War, there comes a turning for the company time: Bvlgari brand departs from the rules of French jewelery, which are adhered to before, and creates its own distinctive style - a combination of Greek and Italian classicism, with great influence of the Italian Renaissance and traditional Italian jewelery of the 19th century.

Bvlgari's international expansion begins in 1970 with the opening of stores in New York, Paris, Geneva and Monte Carlo. Currently Bvlgari brand products are presented in more than 230 stores worldwide.

Shop on Via dei Condotti in Rome is the flagship store of the brand to this day.

In the beginning the company was founded BulgariTimeNeuchâtel 80s, which took up the issue of hours under the Bvlgari brand.
In 1984 Sotirio grandchildren, sons Giorgio - Paolo Bulgari (Paolo Bulgari) and Nicola Bulgari (Nicola Bulgari) were appointed by the chairman and vice-chairman of the family-owned company, respectively, and nephew Francesco Trapani (Francesco Trapani) became CEO. They decided to diversify the company and the first step was the launch of a line of fragrances under the Bvlgari brand.

July 17, 1995 the holding company Bulgari S.p.A. It listed its shares on the Milan Stock Exchange. At the moment, it is also listed on the London Stock Exchange.

In 1997 Bvlgari introduced its first collection of silk products - scarves, neckties, scarves, original design and high quality products, made by hand by highly skilled Italian craftsmen.

In 1998 it was launched product line of skin and points under the Bvlgari brand.

In 2001, the company announced a joint venture with Marriott International - the company BulgariHotels & Resorts- in order to open a small number of exclusive hotels in the biggest cities and the most popular resorts in the world. First Hotel Bvlgari was opened in Milan in 2004, the second of the hotel was opened in Bali in 2006.

In 2009, the brand celebrated its 125th anniversary. To mark the event in its headquarters on Via dei Condotti in Rome, the company has organized the exhibition "Between Eternity and History", which shows the relationship between the Eternal City and of Bvlgari, showing the harmony of products Bvlgari - the perfect combination of classic and modern, cultural and family traditions.