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Coco Chanel. Without this name is impossible to imagine the history of fashion and perfume XX century.


Name the great trendsetter has long been a symbol of good taste and elegance, luxurious simplicity and elegance, perfect proportions and silhouettes, respectability and refinement.


Chanel style more than any other embodies the concept of "eternal values". It definitely belongs to the world of art - its creator was the artist, the creator of his own unique language.


 Gabrielle Chanel (Gabrielle Chanel) was born August 19, 1883 in the town of Saumur on the Loire. Her father, Albert Chanel was a trade fair trader, and most of his childhood in the small Gabriel spent moving from place to place. His mother, Jeanne Devol, was from a peasant family and earn a living, serving in other people's homes and helping his father with the trade. His mother died when Gabrielle was young, my father did not want to take care of her, and the girl fell into a shelter at a Catholic convent.


Later, Gabriel carefully concealed this fact, inventing the version according to which, after his mother's death, she lived in a cozy and neat house by her two strict, but loving aunts. It is also often claimed that was not born in 1883 and in 1893.