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From opticians to art lovers and creators of ideals: more than 40 years, the Company Cutler and Gross is a defining force in the international style, creating a subtle handmade frames for the most famous and influential people from the world of fashion, art and politics.

Aesthetics Cutler and Gross boasts a unique, self-restraint, intellectuality and originality. We focus our attention not only on design but also on the process, pushing the boundaries and possibilities of handmade - New this season pyramidal and dome-shaped frame mounts to polish the finished product manually. Design developed in London, his own production company in Italy. It is necessary to go through 42 steps, each of which takes a long time to create the perfect pair of sunglasses Cutler and Gross. The result - no external accessory brand attributes or excessive decoration, the only accessory that is an integral part of the modern wardrobe. Points Cutler and Gross have become as legendary as the celebrities who wear them from Mr. Chow to Madonna, from Elton John to Kate Moss.

Under the watchful eye of Chief Design Mary Wilkinson (Marie Wilkinson), which became the founders of the brand mentors in 1982, all that is available under the brand Cutler and Gross, created with impeccable integrity. Despite careful processing points, their design and every detail is clearly highlighted. The aesthetics of the brand belongs to the English tradition of modernist design, based on an eclectic fusion of several trends: from staging arthouse cinema and genre noir films to the "architectural" Vidal Sassoon haircuts of the 1960s, and a narrow circle of English eccentrics. On the creation of the latest collections of works influenced by Maurits Cornelis Escher and inspiring graphic lines of modern furniture mid-century.

And we succeed. The materials used are more than luxurious, every detail is created anew, from the new style swivel mounts to the frame specially designed glasses, exclusively manufactured for Cutler and Gross by Dalloz. Unique and meticulous layering overlay creates a contrasting color "flash" on the surface of the lens. The applied layers of pink and white gold to create an attractive moiré effect. For the first time the history of the brand metal was cut and processed in the same manner as the acetate fiber by applying the principles of Cutler and Gross to every aspect of the product range. View crisp and concise, as in «Classic» style intricate and geometrically precisely milled detail, to create a series which served as inspiration mirrored furniture Sticks & Mirrors Robert Hart.