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It requires at least 40 horns of a water buffalo processing steps to convert it into a unique frame comparable to the subject of art. horn processing complexity is compounded by the fact that only a craftsman who owns a fine sense of form, color and texture, is able to achieve the desired result. It is an art perfected since 1978 in the small German town of Eifel.


H.N.E., which in 2000 became part of the company IVKOGmbH, works in close collaboration with Swisshorn Swiss company in the design, development and manufacture of the actual frames. These companies manufacture frames of horns LUXURY segment and uses high quality masters of Germany and Switzerland for the manual production. Distinctive features of the frames is high positioning, the use of natural materials and individual, modern design and perfect finish.


Most of the horns, born in harmony with nature, become the raw material for production. Anyone who ever wore horn-rimmed glasses, understands how difficult it is to return to a metal or plastic frame.