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ic! berlin

The company ic! berlin screwless manufactures and markets sheet metal glasses (plastic glasses as well). Ultra-light sheet metal glasses - is the product of class "luxury", which are made entirely by hand and individually. Taking these points together, you will immediately feel the quality: unique design, remarkable ease and flexibility leave no one indifferent. The company ic! berlin never departs from his principles and never uses a screw, soldered or welded joints.
Following the principles of our philosophy, ic! berlin hold all of the outstanding registered points during their lifetime, individually consider each failure case, and for each new model developing only individual design. Ic! berlin pay great attention to the quality of steel, because it determines the quality of the points, and therefore only work with German manufacturers, who manufacture steel, just considering our recommendations. In 2005, ic! berlin began producing and plastic glasses. Currently, our product line has a few plastic models, which have original design and are manufactured using the most modern materials, such as cellulose acetate fibers.