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Mykita produces glasses hand made since 2003. Clear logo design, combined with the excellent quality of glasses and a huge potential for new ideas helped Mykita enter the international market. The patented concept Mykita allowed the brand to become an individual. The design of spectacle frames in the style of avant-garde created individually through manual work.


A key factor in the success of the company is an integrated business philosophy. All steps Mykita firm steps are combined under one name Mykita the HQ in the center of Berlin: from the original design to production and marketing. Workshop combines modern materials with traditional hand assembly. Mykita name comes from the word «KITA (kindergarten) and it is the basis for the first of the company premises. Mykita made waves in the optical market with a collection №1 in 2004. This collection is famous not only for its new and functional design. Socket points - individual, cut out of stainless sheet steel. Ease and many features that make setting suitable for any type of person, provide comfort and durability. For lovers of classical forms exist DECADES collection. LITE collection includes models of the lighter weight.


Collection №2 made from solid acetate, based on the newly developed concept in relation to the hinges. With this new technology MYKITA points gained their individuality: the totality of the perfect form and function. After years of work to improve the design, technical innovation and research, he presented his Mykita MYLON line in 2010. The new proprietary material includes polyamide, which may be formed of any shape. A technique known as Selective Laser Sintering (SLS), allows to realize in a 3D structure intact rim shape. In addition, the frame regulated with ease through this material.


Collaboration with famous designers avant-garde style as Wilhelm Bernhard, Romain Kremer, Marios Schwab and Alexander Hershkowitz, Mykita allowed to present his collection in Paris and in New York at the main catwalks of the fashion world. The design philosophy of the company - reflected in concept stores, presented as a "home". Shops are in 6 of the world's fashion capitals: Berlin, Vienna, Paris, Monterey (California) and from 2010 in Tokyo. MYKITA sold in 60 countries - in optical stores level of luxury, in major department stores and boutiques.