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Style, elegance, minimalism and the highest quality - these characteristics combines each piece, created by Prada. The company for the production of bags, clothes, accessories and cosmetics is one of the leading European and American markets and is considered one of the most influential in the fashion business.

It all began in Milan back in 1913. That year Mario Prada (MarioPrada) opened a shop "Fratelli Prada" (translated from the Italian - "Prada Brothers") in the famous GalleriaVittorio Emmanuele II. In his shop Mario selling luxury goods: leather goods, silver, bags, imported from England, suitcases and trunks, home accessories and other exclusive products made from expensive and unusual materials. Mario Prada did not believe in the possibility of effective work of women in business, why not allow the female half of his family to work in their company. After his death in the mid-1950's, the son of Mario has not shown any interest in the continuation of his father's business, but, ironically, the wife of the son is very interested in, and open up opportunities for almost twenty years headed the family company. By the time the company's popularity has spread far beyond Europe. Travel bags from Prada with inlays of precious wood, and of tortoise-shell, decorated with rhinestones, in demand - both among European and American aristocracy and bohemians. However, the impracticality of such models, featuring a large weight has led to the fact that interest in the Prada products gradually faded, reducing profit to a minimum.

In 1978, the management of the company took over the 29-year-old granddaughter of Mario Prada - Miuccia Prada (Miuccia Prada). A young woman received serious education in the field of political science, and then fascinated by the art of mime at Milan PiccoloTeatrodiMilano, I was convinced that nowadays clothing and accessories - a way to express the fact that the majority of women feel deep inside yourself.

A few years later the company Prada presents to the public a collection of bags, to make the brand look quite different. The new Prada handbags are very different from the products sold ancestors Miuccia: stitched black parachute nylon (material that her grandfather used for processing by a luggage), they are watertight, much easier and more practical. These qualities have been appreciated by buyers who bought handbags Prada, in spite of their high price.

Following the advice of her common law husband - Patrizio Bertelli (Patrizio Bertelli), whom she met in 1977 and who led his own business selling leather goods, starting from the age of 17, and now has become her business adviser in the family business - Miuccia He has started to deliver their products in department stores and boutiques worldwide. And already in 1983, the second Prada boutique was opened in Milan in Galleria VittorioEmmanuele.

The following year, 1984, Miuccia presented his new creation - a nylon bag, launched a line of shoes, and in the same year the company Prada began its expansion on continental Europe by opening its own stores in Florence, Paris, Madrid and New York.

In 1985, Miuccia creates another, has already become a classic, a bag that became a hit and fashion sensation: a practical, stylish and functional.

In 1987, Miuccia and Patrizio formalized their marriage.

In 1989, Prada launched its first collection of clothes pret-a-porte, immediately became popular and recognizable thanks to the low waistline on dresses and narrow belts.

Clean lines, high-quality fabrics and classic colors of the collection (black, gray, beige) embodied in models for working women, to create the image, in which the tradition mixed with trendy trends that contrasted sharply with the proposals of other designers. The logo of Prada - silver-black triangle - on all products pret-a-porter placed in locations invisible to others because Miuccia is considered a manifestation of snobbery.

Prada Factory Outlet in Italy

In the 90s the brand Prada becomes a cult, and House Prada - one of the most influential fashion houses in the world. Prada style - simple cut, but provocative-looking model made from luxurious fabrics quality is mainly black, brown, gray, green and cream colors. The accessory line includes narrow belts, elegant high-heeled shoes and, of course, the classic handbag.

Boutiques and company stores open around the world, and Miuccia and Patrizio decide whet public interest, supplying its products in very limited quantities, so that it was difficult to "get".