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One look at our collection will tell you much more than just the story itself Company Ottica Veneta and its luxury line SOSPIRI. Manufactures Working with centuries of history is obvious, appearing on each page. Perfection handmade, which supports and maintains the Venetian gondoliers from the 16th century, demonstrating the inexorable influence of Venice carries a perfect combination of art and quality. Collection SOSPIRI is the hallmark of the company Ottica Veneta, expressing the absolute luxury of Italian style. Thanks to the skilful interweaving of elegance and innovation, Sospiri points are determined using a large Austrian crystals, light metals, plastic and unique Italian skillful decoration, including hand-painted elements.


Sospiri Limited Edition line periodically developed based on the most popular models and satisfy the tastes of the most demanding and sophisticated customers. Exclusive models Sospiri Limited Edition come to life only in a limited quantity, becoming collectible. But the real manufactory would never have survived the centuries if not for another key point: The passion ... passion for invention, production, passion for excellence, bringing every element, every points to an unprecedented level of quality and aesthetics.