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Following the motto founding father "always beautiful, always luxurious," beginning in 1872, S.T. Dupont constantly aims to absolute perfection. French style luxury, cultured C.T. Dupont, found its natural continuation in building frames for conventional and sunglasses. The feeling of perfection, attention to detail and the use of high quality materials accompanies the production of exclusive products with individual shapes and strength. These creations determine the superiority of the French art of life that is both eternal and extremely modern.


The company maintains the tradition of maintaining high quality and superiority today in its luxurious collections. Each optical product passes the quality control 7 different levels with an uncompromising attention to detail during the manufacturing process. Enjoys a special favor from the "cream of society", the refined lines, noble materials and perfectly balanced rim became legendary, and helped build the company's high reputation all over the world.

Sunglasses S. T. Dupont collection this year, as always, distinguished by high quality materials used and the meticulous attention to detail. Precious metals and Chinese lacquer, with invisible fixing screws, strict taste and sense of proportion, a stylish finish - all this, of course, more will increase the number of fans of the brand in our country. The lenses of sunglasses are always of high quality with the best optical performance, 100% UV protection and thus meet the highest standards. But the main secret of the success of the brand S. T. Dupont - this is undoubtedly the highest surface quality frames, which technology perfected over decades of hard work to specialists.