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Tonino Lamborghini

Brand Tonino Lamborghini began to count its history in 1981, when an enterprising entrepreneur from Bologna decided to expand the range of its products. Within a few years he was able to completely create your own magnificent world in which there was a place watches, glasses, perfumes, clothes, interior design objects and other fashion accessories. Every item sold under the brand Tonino Lamborghini different processability, high-precision detail and created from premium materials.


Tonino Lamborghini inspired by the legend, the echoes of which can be seen in its logo, which depicts a bull - a symbol of power and irresistible force - with the release of its own collection points, giving it a unique recognizable shape, also tried to materialize the spirit "of the Italian talent." All frames from the collection of fully match the style, which professes brand Tonino Lamborghini: the choice of materials of the highest quality, attention to even the smallest details, recognizable unique design. In the temples of each of the frames can be found Tonino Lamborghini logo stamped with the image of the famous bull. This stylish "detail" attracts those who seek to get ahead of others, rising up in life, and in the class of the purchased goods.


Buyer should also attract a marketing course, as a proper name of each of the frames, in addition to the logo with the bull. You can choose frames "Imola", "Monza", "Interlagos", "Magny-Cours", "Catalunya", "Silverstone", "San Marino". Whatever the name of your frame, be sure that each of them will bear the stamp of innovation and different pronounced sportiness.