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At the mention of the German state of Tyrol come to mind, forests, mountains, organic food and nature. The company «WooDone», without departing from this tradition, produces high-quality lightweight frames made of wood. His production company «WooDone» produces manually. points coating does not require special care, anti-allergenic material. Through our continuous research, we produce high quality glasses made of wood. Insert lenses involves a standard process. The company «WooDone» was founded by Thomas and Klaus Tavella Oberegger in 2011. The first samples were produced in 2009.


The company's goal - the establishment of functional, high-quality, attractively priced, stylish wooden points. The front part and behind the ear, thanks to special technology, created from several layers of thin plywood. An important detail is the hinge design, which are inserted so that they are not visible at the front of the rim. Cover glasses «Lackatur» has a water-repellent and anti-allergenic properties, it is very practical to use and meets all European standards, this material is even toys for children. «WooDone» Points - a high-quality, functional, light, anti-allergic rim at an affordable price. Points are made from 100% natural wood, produced in the Tyrol. Details glasses are made of a special alloy to improve the functionality of the hinge connection. The front part and the temples are made of solid wood, which in turn ensures the reliability and stability of the rim. Weight Points «WooDone» is an average of 13-15 grams. In all models of glasses «WooDone» can be inserted both corrective lenses and sunglasses. Insert wooden frame elements in a conventional method carried out without heating.