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The claim that as soon as you begin to wear glasses, the vision immediately becomes worse - is a myth! On the contrary, properly chosen correction makes both eyes "work", stimulates the visual function. Wearing glasses with imperfect vision, a must!


For a long time in addition to the use of eye glasses are also a stylish accessory that can not only change the entire image, but also say a lot about its owner. Young people glasses add age and status of the senior generation of glasses, on the other hand, shed a few years. Do not hesitate to his view, because it gave you a chance to dive into the new trends! Points must be selected in the same way as you pick a hairstyle or a suit individually. There is some kind of a fashionable form of points - there is a trend that is changing with the fashion. Our specialists - optics are duly trained and well versed in the current trends. They are happy to help you choose the perfect glasses for you. The range of frames in the salons of optics Screen is updated regularly, every season. All frames are available directly from European manufacturers. In the salons of range only original branded eyeglasses!!